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Want to Be My Partner?

I'm spending much of the afternoon taking care of Otakon Press Relations business. For the next two weeks, my free time is going to be primarily taken up with Otastuff, as we staff members like to call it.

That doesn't mean I won't be trying to write some home-game entries for therealljidol. This week, there's a particularly interesting challenge. There are three topics: "Back in the Habit," "Brown Baggin' It" and "Thrown to the Lions." Those participating are supposed to write two of them and then have someone who has never competed in LJ Idol write the third topic. Even though I'm only doing the home game, I think it would be fun to take on this challenge. Would anybody be interested in taking on one of these three topics and doing an intersection with me?

The deadline is Saturday July 17th at 9pm EDT, although the deadline is a bit more flexible for home gamers, since we can't be eliminated if we fail to meet it.

When we're finished, I'll post links for all three entries at the Home Game thread. It can be a great way to find more readers for your LJ, and to connect with some really terrific and creative writers. If you'd like to find out more about LJ Idol, read the season 6 FAQ.
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