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LJI Home Game Entry - Week 34 - Unknown Photo Services

This is my home-game entry for Week 34 of therealljidol. I invite you to read the many fine submissions and the other home-game entries. This week we were supposed to write on two of three topics: "Back in the Habit," "Brown Baggin' It" and "Thrown to the Lions." Then we were supposed to ask a partner who had never participated in LJ Idol to write the third topic. I teamed up with miranda_lane, who wrote about the topic "Back in the Habit." This is my entry for "Brown Baggin' It," based on an idea we developed together.

In this Internet Age, photos are where it's at, baby. If you blog about your escapades at a national memorial, your friends are sure to remind you "picture or it didn't happen." But what if you had a bad hair day? Or no longer like your trip companion? Or what if you're in the witness protection? How do you meet your friends' demands for photos?

Look no further: Unknown Photo Services can solve your problem! Named after the entertainer who rose to cult status as the Unknown Comic on The Gong Show in the 1970s, Unknown Photo Services uses the latest cutting (and pasting) technology to transform your photos.

Alyce Senior Pic

The '80s, for me, were a perpetual bad hair day. Don't ask what I was thinking: I wasn't.
This is my senior photo, with my mullet backlit (shudder).

Alyce Senior Pic with Bag
A little tweaking from Unknown Photo Services, and my senior photo is instantly cooler.

My First Wedding, Improved
A photo of my first wedding is vastly improved by transforming my first husband.

Unknown Colonial Reenactor
A colonial reenactor for several years, miranda_lane sometimes needs to hide from her adoring fans.

Unknown Visitor to Mt. Vernon
The shy, retiring miranda_lane (who happens to be a professional actress) at Mt. Vernon.

Unknown Blackmail Photo
If you're a beauty pageant contestant faced with blackmail photos,
simply have them transformed. Now no one will know!

Unknown Penn State Fans
If you don't have permission to use a photo, such as this one of fans
at the Penn State Nittany Lion statue, Unknown Photo Services can help.

If the picture isn't perfect, there's always PhotoShop.

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