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Weekend Excursion

Our weekend may not sound too exciting to most people -- going into Center City for The Gryphon's hair appointment and eating at a sidewalk cafe -- but it was one my few excursions out of the house since Kung Fu Panda was born.

The trip to the hair salon went smoothly, with KFP falling asleep on the car ride and remaining so when we transferred his car seat into the stroller. In the hair salon, I held him in my lap, where he continued to sleep blissfully. (Of course, the price for this calmness would be extra alertness at night, but I didn't know that then.)

Since he was still snoozing afterward, we walked to Rittenhouse Square and got seats at the sidewalk tables at Rouge for a little lunch. Predictably, Kung Fu Panda started to cry as soon as the food was brought out, but this time it was for an easily-fixed reason: a diaper change. I officially did my first diaper change in a public restroom, and he was very cooperative.

After we ate, we knew it was time for KFP to eat, too, so we found a bench in the park, and I fed him using a privacy wrap. No one even seemed to notice.

It was a pleasant day, and our successful outing makes me feel more positive about the prospect of gradually reentering the outside world.

The Gryphon with the Stroller
The Gryphon pushes Kung Fu Panda in his stroller.

Closeup in His Stroller
Kung Fu Panda, wearing his very stylish sun hat, in his stroller.

KFP Meets Flat Stanley
In a bonus photo, our Kung Fu Panda meets Flat Stanley.
This was part of the initial brainstorming with miranda_lane
about our combined entries for LJ Idol's home game.

Una with Flat Stanley
Flat Stanley visits Una, again from the LJ Idol brainstorming session.

Babies are only quiet for about half the day.

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