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Family Time

This past weekend, my whole family got together in Central Pennsylvania. On Sunday, we had a somewhat shorter time for socializing, but we made the best of it.

Since it was raining, we mostly stayed at my Dad's place and played "Pass the Baby."

Brother with KFP
My brother enjoys some time with KFP.

Baby Hugs!
My niece and sister hug Kung Fu Panda.

Hugs - My Nephew
My nephew gets in some KFP hugs.

In the late afternoon, once my Dad, an osteopath, was done with his afternoon rounds, Dad and I went out with my brother and his family to do a little shopping. We purchased the cable Dad needed to connect his BluRay player to his TV, and we went to Wal-Mart for infant toys. My brother had noticed that Kung Fu Panda didn't have any, and he's finally at the age where he might enjoy them. I got a rattle, a teething ring and a squeaky giraffe, all good for ages 0 and up.

Boys Hanging Out
My brother shows Kung Fu Panda his new toy while my nephew looks on.

Dad and KFP
My dad and Kung Fu Panda exchange some intense non-verbal communication.

Sister-in-Law with KFP
My brother's wife takes her turn with Kung Fu Panda.

My mom came by in the late afternoon and made us an early dinner of meatball sandwiches. She then spent some time with her grandchildren.

Art Time with Grandma
My mom draws something for my niece.

As an added bonus, before we left, Aunt Corn and Uncle Squash dropped by to meet Kung Fu Panda. They are old friends of the family who are honorary members of the family, and both were pleased to meet the newest family member.

Aunt Corn with KFP and Niece
My Aunt Corn, with Kung Fu Panda and my niece.

We were a little sad as we drove away, and Kung Fu Panda seemed to miss all the attention once we got home! Hopefully, we'll all get together again before too long.

There's no better way to pass an afternoon then by playing "Pass the Baby."

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