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End of an Era

When I visited my family this past weekend, I saw in person the results of a fire that had hit a neighbor. A dry cleaning business that was next to my father's burned down, along with two adjoining buildings.

It's believed the fire started in an upper, unoccupied floor. The destruction was complete, and fortunately, my dad's parking lot saved his house from also falling victim. Sadly, this spells the end for a family business that had been around for generations.

Burnt Out Block
This shot shows the dry cleaner's along with my father's place (the brick building).

Same Day Service
The sign, broken from the extreme heat, still promises same-day service.

Burnt Flowers
Burnt blooms from the time of the fire coexist with fresh yellow blossoms.

Fire Remnants - Side View
A view from the side where my father's place is shows how completely the structure was burned.

New Kind of Vine
Fallen siding tangles with the vines on the side of the building, creating a new type of vine.

Burnt Roof
A metal pole, perhaps a smoke stack, sticks out amongst the collapsed roof.

A family legacy can be gone in a moment.

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