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Into My Fourth Decade

Every year on my birthday, I do some reflection. And, for the last several years, I've also taken some self-portraits.

As I turn 40, I don't feel the angst I would have expected. Many cultures believe that happiness is not a constant state, but rather, it is an average, a summary, if you will. I've got a lot going for me right now: a considerate, supportive husband; healthy, thriving baby; enthusiastic friend network; close family; and creative inspiration (if not always the time to follow through).

Yes, there are some areas where I'd like to improve, such as taking off the pregnancy weight (39 pounds yet to go), but that's an achievable goal and, when taken into perspective, a minor concern. I'm still waiting for the all-clear from my doctor to get back in the pool, so I can resume water aerobics. When that happens, I expect to have better luck.

But overall, yes, I'm happy on this, the beginning of my 40th year.

Me with KFP on My Birthday
Me with Kung Fu Panda on my 40th birthday.
He actually looked at the camera on this one,
which is my favorite pic!

OOh! Camera!
KFP seems fascinated by the camera.

Outtake - Foot Closeup
In this outtake, you get a great view of KFP's foot!

Outtake - Serious KFP
KFP looks super serious in this one.

Outtake - Cool Hands
KFP is fascinated by his hands.

Happiness accumulates.

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