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Wild Violet Issue Goes Live

This summer has been a big one for me, as I adjusted to life with my son, now three months old. Despite the challenges posed by this very sweet distraction, I finally managed to complete the summer issue, Vol. IX Issue 2 (Heat Wave).

The contributors of "Heat Wave" evoke the heat, light, and impermanence of summer. Check out "Heat Wave" to bid summer a graceful good-bye. In this issue, you'll find:

Poetry by Lou Orfanella, Anthony Botti, R. Steve Benson, Joseph LoGuidice, Mary Sayler and Doug Ramspeck;

Fiction by Lou Orfanella, Margaret Karmazin and John T. Hitchner;

Humor by Thomas Sullivan and K. A. Laity;

Essays by John F. Joyce, Dean Borok, Jon Baldwin, Linda Oatman High, Tala Bar and Mattie Louise;

Cuttings by John F. Joyce, Charles Sanft and Bernie Mojzes;

And Art/Photography by Aditi Laddha, Randy Thurman, Darla Farner, Mary Ann Reilly, Alexandra Parsons and Alisha Gaspard.

Contest Updates

The topic for the September short-form contest has been posted on the site in the "contests" section. The deadline is midnight tonight, so get those last-minute entries in.

The winners of the 2009 Wild Violet writing contests have been selected and will be published soon. We will begin taking entries for the 2010 contest in October. Look for details on the site.

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