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More Tests on the Horizon

I spoke to the veterinarian about 15 minutes ago, to get an update on Una's tests from Saturday. At this point, I'm trying to be optimistic, but I'm taking her in tomorrow for more tests.

The veterinarian is a new one, recently hired by the veterinary hospital, and he was talking really fast with an accent, so I'm not sure I understand it all. But he said she had anemia and low platelets. Also her liver values are increased.

He said there's a possibility she's got a condition where her body is destroying its own platelets. While this can be a side effect of the tickborn illness she has, Anaplasmosis, he wants to rule out other causes.

So tomorrow afternoon, I'm scheduled to take her back in for a test to check her red blood cells. He also wants to do an X-ray or ultrasound to look for other hidden causes, such as cancer.

He did mention a possible treatment could be steroids (prednozone), but he has to find out what's going on. I'm also not certain if that would treat all of the symptoms or just some of them.

Not only is this a new veterinarian, but the front desk help has also changed. Gone are the friendly women who smiled when Una did her nervous robo barking. They've been replaced with stern-seeming women who don't believe in idle chit-chat. I want the old receptionists back.

Una has had two doses of tetracycline now, but her appetite is still suppressed. We've been giving her nothing but ground beef and rice, and she eats it haltingly, as if it takes great effort. I sat on the floor with her Saturday evening and fed her by hand, little morsels of food at a time, whatever she would eat.

The hardest part sometimes is the waiting.

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