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Pumpkin Pic Posted!

I've entered the Halloween contest, using the caption, "I see the Great Pumpkin!" since it was short and sweet. Thanks for all the suggestions!

You have to be a Upromise member to vote, but if you are one, please click on the link to KFP's picture, sign in and then vote by clicking on the white star above the picture. I'm not allowed to vote for his picture myself, so I can use all the help I can get. Upromise offers a simple way of saving for college by giving you a small amount for purchases you are making anyway. Check it out and see if it seems interesting to you.

Since the prize is to receive several gift cards, I'd like to give a small thank-you gift to anyone who goes to the trouble of voting for me. If you do vote, let me know!
Tags: halloween, kung fu panda, photos, web sites

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