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Una Update

I've been holding off on posting an update because I wanted to speak to the vet again. The good news is that a test came back negative for a blood disease where her body consumes its own platelets (he suspected this because of her anemia).

The bad news is that she has an enlarged liver. She's on the medicine for the Anaplasmosis, and hopefully, that will help rid her body of the toxins from the disease and help her liver shrink, too. The vet also prescribed some Prednisone to help with the enlarged liver, but when I reported that her appetite had gone back down today, he told me to hold off on it for now.

I'm supposed to speak to him again tomorrow. If I learn anything more, I'll share it.

Una did eat some hamburger and rice tonight and was all smiles when The Gryphon came home. Kung Fu Panda, our kitty Luke and I are surrounding her with love, and we all took a nap with her on the bed this afternoon, which seemed to lift her spirits.
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