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Last week, I was walking Una while pushing Kung Fu Panda in his stroller. As frequently happens, we came upon a black plastic bag lying in the middle of the sidewalk. There is a sandwich shop around the corner, and they use black plastic bags to package their orders. The number of them I spot floating around the neighborhood seems to indicate that people eat while walking, flinging their bags behind them.

This particular time, though, I did not notice that the bag was knotted. When I pushed the stroller over it, I heard a crunch, and the tires momentarily got stuck in something squishy before I cleared the bag.

Three teenage girls sitting on a wall nearby said, "Eww!"

One of them added, "There was a squirrel in that bag."


So you found a dead squirrel and stuffed it in a plastic sandwich bag you found fluttering down the street.


Then, instead of depositing said bag in the trash can, you left it lying in the middle of a small sidewalk.


And then, when you saw a woman with a baby carriage and a dog headed straight for that bagged squirrel, you didn't think it was a good idea to warn her.


You thought, "No, I'll just sit here and watch her push a baby stroller over a bagged, mangled squirrel corpse. Then I'll wrinkle up my nose in distaste as if she'd done it on purpose."


I mean, really???

Don't run over anything unless you know what it is.

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