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Sitting It Out

Season 7 of therealljidol is starting, and this is my official declaration that I will NOT be competing. Really! Honest! See? I don't even have my fingers crossed behind my back!

Much as I enjoy the writing challenges, the twists and turns, I simply cannot commit the time. I know it is not required to read every single one of your competitors' entries and to vote your conscience in the polls, but I always have. These days, though, between taking care of a four-month-old and pursuing freelance opportunities, it's difficult enough just to read my Friends List.

Still, you should totally compete. Yes, YOU. Don't turn around and look over your shoulder. I'm not talking to the wall, or the guy on his cell phone behind you at the cybercafe (depending on which YOU is reading this at the moment). Look in a mirror. You.

I had no idea what I was getting into two years ago when I competed in Season 5, but it reinvigorated my creative writing, inspired me, and introduced me to some fantastic people I am lucky to call my friends.

So go, now, and check out the FAQ and then the Season 7 sign-up sheet.

Best of luck to everyone who does choose to compete. I'll be cheering for you and playing the home game when the inspiration strikes.
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