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Reason to Smile

Even in the midst of sadness, the universe offers up reasons to smile. One of them, surprisingly, came the very night that Una died.

The very night that Una died, our Kung Fu Panda decided to surprise us by reaching another developmental milestone. My husband, The Gryphon, had put him on his back in his "activity gym," which is a play mat with arches that contain dangling toys.

We got talking about something, and I looked up and discovered that KFP was on his stomach. I told The Gryphon, who put KFP again on his back. About five minutes later, again, while we were looking away, he'd rolled onto his stomach.

Now, he's taken to rolling from one end of his play mat to the other. This is really cute, of course, until he ends up against the wall and starts to cry! In keeping with his nickname, he also kicks anything within reach or grabs it with his Kung Fu action grip. We have to keep socks on his feet, because he was constantly rubbing them together like a little cricket and cutting his legs with his sharp baby toenails.

KFP babbles constantly, trying out different vocal sounds. Lately, he's graduated from "ah goo" sounds into making noises that involve pressing his lips together. He also blows bubbles, and he "talks" to us and to his toys.

The other night, I could swear he called out, "Mom!" (although he wouldn't repeat it, even with prodding). I've also heard him say, "Hi," although not with any sort of definite purpose, so I suppose it was accidental.

Right now, he is making trilling noises in the back of his throat, kicking the arch on his playmat, and trying to pull a stack of blankets down upon himself.

At a time when it would be easy to be frozen with grief, KFP makes me smile. I am blessed.

Babies never slow down.

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