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Celeb Sightings

On Monday, a new woman joined by Zumba class. She had a bright, cheerful smile and tons of energy and was the only person brave enough to work out in just a jogging bra and a pair of yoga pants. Although, I had other things on my mind at the time, I couldn't help thinking she looked familiar.

Between songs, I asked, "Where do I know you from?"

She smiled broadly, a twinkle in her eye, and eventually said it must be from the gym. Or perhaps from the makeup counter where she works, she suggested. I decided it must be from the gym.

After the music started up again, it hit me. She looked exactly like Nia Vardalos, although why she would be working out in a YMCA in suburban Philadelphia, I have no idea.

There are probably tons of women who look exactly like Nia Vardalos in Philly, to be sure.

Today, however, I most assuredly spotted a celebrity, and this one makes much more sense, as well. After checking the Wild Violet mail at our post office box, I was walking down Chestnut Street with Kung Fu Panda in his Baby Bjorn.

I heard a distinctive voice and looked up. Sure enough, it was Danny Bonaduce, former child star and current Philadelphia radio host. He was wearing a purple T-shirt and holding hands with an average-sized woman who had long, brunette hair. They were deep in conversation.

As I passed him, still not quite believing what I saw, I took a close look. He definitely looks like someone who's lived a bit of a rough life. Or maybe he was just tired that afternoon. Either way, he looked beat.

Although I had my camera with me, which I'd brought to get some shots while we were out, I didn't trouble him for a picture. In fact, I didn't even try to say hi, just passed him quietly and let him go about his day.

Even Philadelphia has its share of celebrities.

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