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Cool if You Don't Have to Clean it Up

I returned to my water aerobics class this morning for the first time since giving birth to our Kung Fu Panda. My classmates and instructor were happy to see me, and I got caught up with Ann, the elderly woman who used to chat with me every class. She was doing well, having recovered from eye surgery, but two of her friends had died in September. A married couple, they died within a week of each other.

Sadly, I learned that my instructor has had her share of heartache. Her dog, like mine, passed away from cancer. In her case, though, the dog was visibly sick for much longer, and they had to take her to the vet at the end to put her to sleep. I guess I should be thankful for the small blessing of Una's almost symptomless convalescence and her death at home.

Afterward, I did a little shopping at the grocery store, a process complicated by the fact that it was pouring down rain. I managed to get KFP into his Baby Bjorn carrier with a blanket over the top without getting more than a couple drops of rain on him. Everything went smoothly inside until we got to the checkout lane.

At first, everything was fine. I chatted with the cashier while putting my items on the belt. She remarked at how big KFP is getting, and I told her that he's going to be crawling soon. Right now, he can push himself around the floor, which I understand is called "creeping." If you put him on his back in the middle of the mat, before long he's flipped over and managed to work his way a foot or so off the mat.

I reached into the cart to get one of my last items, a soda bottle, as the cashier turned to an elderly man so he could pay. That's when the bottle slipped out of my hand, hitting the floor. I've dropped soda bottles before, but never with this result. The contents were apparently so shaken up that the top popped off and the bottle jetted down the checkout lane, spraying soda as it went, jetting across a small aisle and hitting the customer assistance counter. There was soda pretty much everywhere.

When I told The Gryphon about it over chat later, he responded, "You do realize that's kinda awesome."

"Tell that to the old guy who got sprayed," I said. The incident had left two big damp marks on the old man's pants. He was buying dozens of cat food cans and nothing else.

The cashier had to shut down the checkout lane during the cleanup, and employees put "Caution: Wet" signs up on either side of the spill. A young guy was paged to take care of the spill. He opened packet after packet of some sort of absorbent substance, which he dumped on the spill. After a while, he could sweep it up with a broom. I guess that's a good way to avoid falls and lawsuits.

As I placed my last bag in the cart, I told the cashier, "I couldn't have done that on purpose if I'd tried." She grinned and told me to have a nice day. The young guy, as we left, was still working and complaining that it was almost time for his shift to end.

Once I was safely out of view, I smiled. After all, it had been kinda awesome.

The newest supermarket technology eliminates the need for mops.

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