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Philcon Highlights

I may not get time to do an extended Philcon post before Thanksgiving, because I'm focusing on putting some items up on eBay in time for Cyber Monday. I'll try to share some pictures in the next day or so. In the meantime, I'll share some highlights.

  • Kung Fu Panda going vampire baby on norda and sucking her finger.

  • The KFP Fan Club: women, primarily, who cooed over him whenever they saw us. By Saturday evening he'd started sticking out his tongue a lot in response to all the silly faces people made at him.

  • damcphail's reading Friday night, and her gracious offer to let me read a little at the end of it. KFP loved her instantly!

  • My Saturday morning panel on writing for an audience, which was well attended and a great conversation.

  • Lunch with The Cheshire Cat, and KFP sitting in a high chair for the first time, with the help of blankets. He soon decided he'd rather sit on my lap.

  • Seeing popfiend and his wonderful wife in person (thanks for the cookies!)

  • The "race fail" panel, moderated by hughcasey, which was one of the best discussions I've seen at Philcon.

  • The web site launch party in the Con Suite run by damcphail, where she again gave me the opportunity to read. It was great to hear people laugh out loud at a funny piece.

  • Connecting with some other geek parents and sharing notes about our kids.

  • Meeting Peter S. Beagle and getting a collection of his short stories autographed for KFP. His first SF book!

  • The Gryphon's MMO Gaming panel on Sunday morning, which KFP slept through in his stroller.

  • Attending "Lobbycon" in the hotel lobby, where friends hung out on the comfy chairs.

  • My Sunday afternoon panel, "It Came from the Slush Pile," where editors shared horror stories of submissions we've received.

  • Having dinner after the con with The Cheshire Cat and The Paper; the Pop Culture Junkie and his girlfriend; The White Rabbit; and another Philcon panelist.

  • Overall, even though I attended less in order to tend to KFP's needs, it was one of my best Philcon experiences ever.

  • Moral:
    Slowing down actually makes things more fun.

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