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Friday Philcon Photos

We're getting ready to celebrate Thanksgiving, and Kung Fu Panda experienced another first today: his first snow! We watched it from a window, and he was fascinated. If it hadn't have been a wet snow, I might have taken him out to experience it firsthand. I'm sure there will be plenty of opportunities this winter.

As promised, here are the first of my Philcon photos, with more to follow over the next few days.

I should note that there are a lot of pictures I wish I had, but it didn't occur to me to hand the camera to The Gryphon to take them. When I was walking around with Kung Fu Panda in his Baby Bjorn, it tended to keep my hands occupied!

New Friend
My friend damcphail getting to know KFP on Friday.

Danielle Ackley-McPhail Reading
My friend damcphail reading some of her work on Friday.
The room was locked, so she read in the hallway!
She also let me read one of my essays from my new book.

The Gryphon's Friday Panel
On Friday evening, The Gryphon was on a panel about Historical Gaming.

The Gryphon at His Panel
A closer view of The Gryphon at his Friday night Historical Gaming panel.

Snug as a Bug on a Rug
Kung Fu Panda enjoys some floor time while at his daddy's panel.

Babies can be a great judge of character.

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