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Thanksgiving Photos

While my little Kung Fu Panda is scooting around (backwards) on the floor, I'll share some photos from Thanksgiving. There are also photos of a model train display we took KFP to, which I'll share another time.

(Click any of these photos to see a larger version.)

Our Kung Fu Panda has a good time with his sock monkey.

KFP's grandma (my mom) touches his birth mark, a.k.a., his stork bite.

KFP noms on his toys while his grandma (my mom) watches.

KFP spent time on the floor trying to figure out crawling.

The Gryphon Serves Turkey
The Gryphon prepared the Thanksgiving turkey. Here, he serves it to my Mom.

Me and My Kung Fu Panda
KFP wanted to sit on my lap during Thanksgiving,
so I ate one-handed.

Thanksgiving Dinner
My Thanksgiving plate contained (clockwise from upper left) a mixed green salad,
twice-baked sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, turkey,
stuffing, and cranberry sauce (in the center)

Santa with KFP
Our Kung Fu Panda met Santa in front of the newspaper where I used to work.

Newspaper Being Printed
We visited the newspaper where I used to work and got to see
the printing press in action. Just like old times!

Sleeping in the Cafe
The Gryphon and I went for lunch on Friday at a cafe we like.
KFP slept while we ate.

Reading with Grandpa
KFP examines a bathtime book his grandma gave him,
while sitting on his grandpa's lap.

Babies can't eat turkey, but they still want to sit at the table.

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