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Weight: 196.8 pounds
Yesterday's points: 39 out of 36 allowed (using flex points)
Yesterday's exercise: 60 minutes of water aerobics
Notes: Should have had more water
Short-term goal: 190 pounds by December 31

I'm making the occasional public post of my Diet Diary, since I got a lot of support when I did so accidentally a couple weeks ago. Over the past two weeks I've lost 3 pounds, which seems to mean I've broken past my plateau.

One thing that helped was Weight Watchers revising their program, calculating points differently. Whereas before, points were figured out based on calories, fat and fiber, now it's based on fat, protein, fiber and carbohydrates. This tends to make high-carb foods higher in points, so it's made me more aware of them.

I also sought advice on the Weight Watchers board for New Moms, and they recommended eating lots of protein, which helps with the hunger associated with breastfeeding. Also important, according to the other new moms, was drinking plenty of water; at least 12 cups a day.

By eating fewer carbs, more proteins, and drinking more water, I'm starting to see the results and feeling much more optimistic.

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