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Ironic Much?

Our holiday shopping has been complicated by the fact that a check I was supposed to receive two weeks ago never arrived. At first, I figured it was just late because of all the holiday mail, or maybe it had been mailed late by my employer because of the Thanksgiving holiday.

Upon checking with them, I learned the checks had been issued on November 18 and sent out in batches over the next eight business days. Figuring that my last name, starting with a "W," put me in the last batch, it still should have arrived almost a week ago.

In the meantime, several monthly payments came through my checking account, with the end result being that I was overdrawn. This also meant, of course, that I could not do any online shopping and had to ask for money from The Gryphon whenever I went grocery shopping. On the advice of friends, who said it's difficult to track funds in a joint bank account, we've retained our individual accounts and have split up the bills based on our incomes. This typically means that I cover groceries, gas and a few of my credit-card bills, and The Gryphon takes care of the rest.

Normally, since I have time during the day, I run errands such as purchasing Christmas gifts and other necessities. Of course, with my finances being in such a bind, this was out of the question.

When it became clear that the check had gotten lost in the mail, I contacted my employer and asked them to cut me a new check. My theory on the check being lost was confirmed by the fact that I recently received a letter and a Netflix movie for someone who has the same house number but lives on a different street.

After my employer checked to verify that the check had not been cashed, I finally received a message that they have overnighted a replacement to me. It should arrive tomorrow.

Three guesses what showed up in my mailbox today? The envelope had been folded, and it was opened. I suspect this means that somebody received it by mistake, held onto it, and finally either gave it to the postal carrier to redeliver or walked it over by themself. Of course, my employer put a stop payment on it, so the check sits there, laughing at me. Too, too much!

If you ever get the wrong piece of mail, have it redelivered right away!

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