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Cute Fix

Need to smile? I've got a couple recent Kung Fu Panda video highlights and one very silly picture for you.

At six months old and counting, KFP is making developmental strides, some more fun than others. About three weeks ago, he discovered a new thing: giving zerberts!

Earlier this week, he figured out how to creep forward. Until then, he'd only been creeping backward. His breakthrough came courtesy of a plastic ring he'd pulled off his activity gym. He batted it around the floor, much like a cat. With great effort, he pulled himself forward when the ring was out of reach. Good job!

KFP Gumby
Wearing a wash cloth on his head, our Kung Fu Panda does his impression
of the famous Monty Python character, Mr. Gumby.

Babies' antics can brighten a gray day.

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