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Weight: 193.0 pounds
Yesterday's points: 42 out of 36 allowed
Yesterday's exercise: 30 min. elliptical trainer; 30 minutes lower body
Notes: Snacked more at night.
Short-term goal: 190 pounds by December 31

The first two times I stepped on the scale today it said 194. But since I've not seen the result this low in quite a while, I wanted to run with the lower number.

I'm going to investigate the possibility of working out at the Milton YMCA while I'm there. I have the "AWAY" sticker, so I should be permitted. Of course, it also depends on what day they're open. I should figure out a strategy now for dealing with the extra cookies and candies. Maybe I should create my own pocket guide of how many points they cost, to remind me. I'm going to make this entry public so that if anyone has any holiday survival tips, they can share them. I think I'll also get on and look for advice.

I'm only a week away from my short-term goal, and a 3-pound drop over the holidays is difficult. It's still achievable, though, if I work at it!

My Weight Chart:
Weight Chart
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