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Weight: 192.5 pounds
Yesterday's points: 33 out of 36 allowed (!)
Yesterday's exercise: 25 minutes swimming; 30 minutes on elliptical trainer
Notes: Managed to get enough water & vegetables/fruits; not overboard on snacks
Short-term goal: 190 pounds by December 31

So far, my plan for the holidays is really working out! I've been following a one-for-one policy regarding sweets. This means that for every sweet I have (a cookie, a chocolate covered pretzel, a cupcake) I have to eat a fruit or a vegetable. The rule is that I have to eat the fruit or vegetable AFTER the sweet, and I can't count veggies I ate earlier in the day.

The effect has been that my appetite for sugary snacks is diminished, because eating an apple or some grapes or a handful of snap peas helps fill me up. It also means that I easily ate enough fruits and vegetables for the day, which is often a challenge over the holidays.

My sister and I went to the local YMCA and used our own YMCA cards to register for guest passes. Then we did laps in the pool before moving upstairs to work out on the elliptical trainers. We both felt great afterwards and are planning on taking a nice long walk sometime today, plus returning to the gym tomorrow.

Considering that I was several points below my usual target yesterday and my weight is down on my dad's very accurate office scale, I'd say I'm off to a good start!

My Weight Chart:
Weight Chart
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