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Tree Time

In most households, it's the children who get up early on Christmas morning, but I was the one up at 7, sitting in front of the tree, waiting for everyone to get up. As it turns out, I could have stayed in bed.

Things took a decidedly leisurely turn, in part because we had to wait for my dad to complete his rounds at the drug and alcohol treatment center. Then, even though he was back by noon, we waited for my mom to complete baking her brunch courses of chicken empanadas, spanakopita, muffins and biscuits (all delicious, by the way).

When we finally got rolling, we started with Kung Fu Panda's gifts so that he didn't have to wait. He adored his first present: a knit ball. He could have been happy without opening anything else, although he did help me unwrap the rest of his gifts. Quite honestly, he seemed to enjoy the wrapping paper as much or more than the gifts. Our family followed his gift ist, so he got a lot of size 12 months clothing, the size we expect him to wear by spring. In addition, he got a few books, including a cloth book on bugs which he loved; as well as a blue teddy bear, a white teddy bear, some teething toys, and a Mozart Magic Cube, which makes music and lights up when he plays with it.

As far as I was concerned, it was a very literate Christmas. I received lots of books, including a cookbook of baby purees and the Volumetrics cook book I'd requested. My dad gave me money towards a laptop, which we'll hopefully still be able to swing even with all the recent financial badness.

Highlights of the other gifts: a 12-cup coffeemaker for The Gryphon (to replace a wedding gift that just broke); a new camera for Mom; a beer brewing kit for my sister's husband; a beautiful, handmade afghan I ordered from wookiewife for my sister; and new shirts and ties for Dad.

Before the gift giving ended, KFP got cranky, and I knew it was time for his nap. We took a nice, long one together while my sister and her husband began cooking dinner. We had chicken soft tacos, mushroom fajitas with mango salsa, and pies for dessert. I'm afraid I didn't do quite as well with my one-to-one rule (one fruit or vegetable for every sweet I eat), but I did try to cut back on sweets overall.

In the evening, we watched Up via Netflix online, hooking up a laptop to Dad's big projection TV. Even though most of us had seen it before, we enjoyed the movie and especially repeating our favorite lines: "I was under your porch because I love you."

Like he had been on Christmas Eve, KFP was very hard to get to bed. Just like any other kid, he wanted to stay up, socialize, and play with his new toys.

Earlier, I wrote about our Christmas Eve experiences.

Babies appreciate every gift... especially the wrapping paper.

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