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Christmas Day Photos

I went through the rest of the photos taken over Christmas. Here are the best of them!

Gingerbread House
Our Christmas day centerpiece was a homemade gingerbread house.

KFP and The Gryphon
KFP sits on The Gryphon's lap as he reads
a parody of "The 12 Days of Christmas."

We had chicken empanadas for brunch, along with some other dishes.

KFP Sleeping
As we waited to open gifts, our Kung Fu Panda took a nap.

Another brunch item: homemade spanakopita.

KFP Unwrapping Gifts
KFP was very interested in helping to unwrap his gifts.

Tasting His Gift
KFP gets a gift started by tasting it.

Fun with Wrapping Paper
KFP liked the wrapping paper as much as his gifts.

Unwrapping a Box
By the end of the unwrapping, KFP was a real pro at it.

New Hat
My dad models the hat he received from my sister and her husband.

Playing with His Ball
After unwrapping his gifts, KFP plays with his new ball (under his arm).

New Favorite Toy
One of his favorite gifts was the knit ball
that KFP received from his Grandma.

Christmas Quilt
My sister with the afghan we had handmade for her by wookiewife.

Playing with Cube
KFP plays with his Magic Mozart Cube, which makes music and lights up.

KFP and the Tree
KFP, in his Penn State pajamas, sits in front of the Christmas tree.

Sitting on Grandpa's Lap
On Sunday, we got some family photos, including this one
of KFP on his Grandpa's lap.

KFP with Grandma
To get this picture, we used a sock monkey.
It made Mom smile, too.

Our Family
Our little family: me, Kung Fu Panda, and The Gryphon.

My Sister & Her Husband
My sister and her husband share a chair.

Whether it's a knit ball or a Magic Cube, babies love Christmas gifts.

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