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Ride the Resolution Train

As I try to do every year, I'm going to set some resolutions, some goals to achieve. First, though, I'd like to assess last year's goals.

Last year, I tried achieving my long-term goals by breaking them into smaller, short-term goals with a great deal of success. Here's how they turned out:

2010 Resolutions

Long-term Goal #1: Prepare for our baby (due date June 4).

  • Accomplished: I gave birth to a healthy baby boy on June 12. We managed to prepare a nursery, get the needed items, and so far have enjoyed six and a half months of getting to know him.

Long-term Goal #2: Publish My Second Poetry Book

  • In Progress: Currently, the MS is entered in a chapbook contest where the prize is publication. I've also compiled a third poetry MS which is also currently entered in a chapbook contest (a different one). In addition, I just released a Kindle version of my first poetry book, Picturebook of the Martyrs.

Long-term Goal #3: Publish Book of Personal Essays

  • Accomplished: This project was delayed by the birth of my son, but I did publish the book, The Art of Life, just before Philcon and am working on a Kindle version.

Long-term Goal #4: Complete and Publish My Wedding Book

  • In Progress: I didn't have time to work much on the wedding book last year, but I intend to get back into it. I'm also considering posting an Internet poll so that I can broaden my research.

Long-term Goal #5: Archive My Old Radio Shows, Data, Videotape and Photos

  • In Progress: Made very little progress here, in part because my new scanner has a loose cable that needs to be fixed by the company. Over Christmas vacation, however, my sister, her husband and I scanned in digital copies of dozens of family photos.

Long-term Goal #6: Redesign Wild Violet Web site

  • Accomplished: The new Web site was launched in spring 2010. I need to get back to Wild Violet, however, which has been on the back burner due to a number of other priorities.

Long-term Goal #7: Achieve and Maintain Fitness After Having the Baby

  • In Progress: So far, I've lost roughly half of the weight I gained while pregnant.

So of seven key resolutions last year, I accomplished three and made strides towards others. This is pretty impressive when you consider that I also ran the Press Relations department for Otakon, which took up a great deal of time especially near my due date and in the two months following Kung Fu Panda's birth. It's perhaps more impressive when you consider that having a baby is a lot like having ADD: I accomplish what I do manage to accomplish in 10- to 15-minute bursts, in between helping him out with his needs.

I'm going to follow a similar approach to goal-setting this year.

2011 Resolutions

Long-term Goal #1: Lose the pregnancy weight.

  • Short-term Goal: Get down to 190 by January 30 (I'm currently at about 195.5).

Long-term Goal #2: Publish My Second Poetry Book

  • Short-term Goal: While waiting for results from poetry chapbook contest, look into possible other publishers.

Long-term Goal #3: Baby-Proof/Organize the House

  • Short-term Goal: Move cleaning supplies into lockable cabinet; install lock.

Long-term Goal #4: Complete Rough Draft of My Wedding Book

  • Short-term Goal: Post Internet poll(s) to broaden research.

Long-term Goal #5: Archive My Old Radio Shows, Data, Videotape and Photos

  • Short-term Goal: Have The Gryphon contact the company for a replacement of my scanner cable or a repair solution.

Long-term Goal #6: Get in a better financial position (This goal purposely kept very general because there are many possible components, including paying down debt, increasing savings and seeking out more freelance opportunities).

  • Short-term Goal: Begin saving money out of each paycheck; look into opening a savings account for KFP's college education.

Long-term Goal #7: Assist Transition of Press Relations to New Person

  • Short-term Goal: Write up rough timeline for new head of what needs to be accomplished over the course of the year (have already shared my computer files with him from the last several years).

Breaking goals up into smaller ones really does make them more achievable.

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