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LJI Home-Game Entry - Topic(s) 8 - First 2011 Poems

These are my home-game entries this week for therealljidol. There are now two weekly topics because of the new batch of Second-Chance Idol contestants. I am not competing this season but invite you to read and vote for the original contestants and the Second-Chance Idol contestants. This week's regular topic is "First World Problem," while the Second-Chance topic is "Take Heart."

First World Problem

A yellow dragon gnaws his stomach, first
slow slow slow and then
RAWR! It chomps a giant chunk.
He screams and writhes. Pulverized
in its maw; arms flail. He hails
sustenance. Milk's
balm soothes his ache, silences
his serpentine foe. This beast
he will call hunger.

The Frog's Page

Bounce and bouncy bounce,
in his green saddle he rides.
Hands spread like limber fans,
he caresses the green plastic figure
on his mount. He calls
to the frog in ur language:
da-ta-daa, da-ta-daa, then gums
him a secret covenant. Their mission
is sacred as
their invisible trail. He rides
fearlessly into
his seventh month.

Poetry inspiration is never far when my baby is near.

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