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Geek Retreat

This past weekend, The Gryphon, our Kung Fu Panda and I attended Com Con, the annual staff retreat for Otakon. I took lots of pictures, although admittedly, a lot of them are of KFP!

KFP in Our Room
We had a rough trip getting there, with KFP crying most of the way
despite several stops to placate him. He scratched his forehead out of frustration.
Once we arrived, though, he happily cruised the hotel room in his sleep sack.

Trying to Climb
KFP's new obsession is climbing anything possible in order to reach a standing position.
Here, he tries to climb the ottoman in our hotel room.

Fun with Sock Monkey
KFP has fun playing with his sock monkey.

We started the day on Saturday with some time in the pool, since KFP had missed his Water Babies class; but only for a short while, because some other kids were being loud and splashing a lot, which seemed to weird him out.

Highchair Hijinks
At breakfast, KFP sat in the high chair and had some applesauce and rice cereal.

Side Stance
KFP practices his side stance while tasting The Gryphon's thumb.
We hung out near the back of the meeting, on a blanket.
I left with KFP at around 2 p.m. for his nap.

Upside-Down Fun
KFP plays a favorite game with his daddy, The Gryphon,
which involves being held upside down.

First iPad Game
With some help, KFP enjoyed playing his first iPad game, Angry Birds.

Get Those Pigs!
KFP is entranced with the iPad game Angry Birds.
With some help, he even managed to slingshot the house that some bad, green pigs inhabited.

Dr. Who Finery
At the Saturday night dinner, where people traditionally dress up,
The Mad Hatter shows off his Dr. Who costume.

Nom Nom Nom
The Godfather tries a delicacy: baby fingers!

Me with KFP, Dressed Up
KFP and I at dinner, in our nicest clothes.

Yummy Keys
KFP munches on his appetizer: plastic keys.

Why I Don't Wear Necklaces
I wore a necklace I got for Christmas,
which KFP thought was just delicious!

Guest Relations Meeting
The Guest Relations department, of which Press Relations is a section,
meets to make plans. Flashing a peace sign is the Guest Handler.

Bad Idea
A staffer responds to a regrettable idea, with a very expressive grimace.

Press Relations Head
At left, in blue, is Radioactive Man, the new head of Press Relations.
To his right is the Godfather, who's stepped down as head of Guest Relations.

Chilling with GR
This year's head of Tech Ops (left) and the Otakon president
listen in on the Guest Relations meeting.

Adding Expert Advice
The head of Otakon Tech Ops (left) discusses possible set-up issues
with the Guest Relations staff.

Cupcake Time
The youngest daughter of The Scrapbooker and The Smiling Man enjoys a cupcake.

One of the new Press Relations staffers created this adorable origami bunny.

Ooh, Feet!
KFP is fascinated by the shoe of The Smiling Man's daughter,
who is riding on his shoulders. KFP is being held by The Scrapbooker.

On Saturday night, some people enjoyed themselves with board games.
(from left) The Photographer, The Bhoo, an unknown staffer, The Cousin, The White Rabbit.

Making a New Friend
On Sunday morning, KFP enjoys hanging out with a staffer who's studying to be a teacher.

Playing Cards
KFP tries his hands at a card game, sitting on The Cousin's lap.

KFP Meets R2D2
KFP is fascinated by a moving R2D2 belonging to the Mad Hatter.
He kept chasing it, and R2D2 would run away!

Future Jedi
Our future Jedi with R2D2.

Before we left on Sunday, we watched the latest fan parody by The Video Editor, currently untitled. It was fun, getting better in the second half. KFP actually watched the first portion of it sitting on my lap and then, following some technical difficulties, slept on my shoulder for the rest of the movie.

Our future Jedi is already showing his geek credentials.

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