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Chaos and Poetry

I managed to do one constructive thing today, despite chaos. The constructive thing: completing another assignment for Yahoo! News/Associated Content, which was to write some Super Bowl haiku.

The chaos? That would be dealing with a broken driver's side mirror courtesy of a hit-and-run driver. Fortunately, we were not inside at the time, and it looks like it will be a minor repair. Still, between waiting for the police to arrive so I could file a report, calling my insurance company, getting an estimate, and then, when I discovered it was a minor repair, canceling the insurance claim, took up much of my day.

I also had to do grocery shopping, plus stop at the drug store, pet store and post office. OK, so I guess I did several constructive things.

The mirror is due to be fixed early tomorrow morning. Hopefully, the roads will be drivable!
Tags: associated content, poetry, suckage

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