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Baby Proofing Progress

As I write this, the little tornado is bopping around the office, either crawling or moving along upright by holding onto furniture. At 8 months (on Saturday), our Kung Fu Panda is just moving into 12-month clothing. We've got to get him new socks, because that's the one thing I can't seem to find used. He is all grabbing hands and curiosity, and we've begun to make in-roads on baby proofing progress, although it seems there's a lot yet to do.

We finally managed to complete the first short-term goal I'd set when stating my 2011 resolutions.

Long-term Goal #3: Baby-Proof/Organize the House

  • Short-term Goal: Move cleaning supplies into lockable cabinet; install lock.

This involved clearing out all the plastic storage containers that we'd had in that cabinet and getting rid of many of them (mostly the disposable plastic containers we got with takeout food). Then I had to clean out the cabinet, move the cleaning supplies in, and clean the unlockable cabinet (which has an open back) where the cleaning supplies had been in order to move in the plastic storage containers. Finally, The Gryphon installed the child-proof latches.

In addition, I also boxed up the wedding wine glasses and champagne flutes we'd had on display in a shelf in the dining room. I moved dangerous items such as the mandolin slicer to the very top shelf and bought three cloth cube drawers to go in the bottom compartments, where we'll keep some extra toys, baby blankets, bibs and wash cloths, all of which are safe for him to discover.

I still need to do some more decluttering in the dining room, but the attached living room is pretty good, thanks to me putting a play fence in front of the entertainment center, to keep KFP from his new obsession of playing with the VCR (rarely used but still the only way we can watch certain things), the DVD player and the DVR. The remaining problem is how to keep him away from the laptop when we're using it, especially because it's on a TV tray that is at a good height to allow me to breast feed him and type (which lately is one of the only ways I can work uninterrupted). However, it's kind of wobbly, and I don't want him pulling it over on himself. He also is fascinated by the mouse: not such a problem for me, since I don't usually use it, but a continual problem for The Gryphon. Any suggestions? The ER Doctor gave us an old keyboard for him to bang on as a distraction, but I haven't tried it yet.

My next short-term goal is:

  • Short-term Goal: Move medicines into higher cabinet.

Fortunately, it's currently pretty easy to keep KFP away from the little cabinet where the medicines are stored, since it's in the upper hallway where he's never left unattended, but since they're in a low drawer, they've got to move.

I'll continue to deal with other problems as I spot them, too, though I'll probably not go as crazy as the book What to Expect the First Year recommends, which is making me feel like the only way to be safe is to get rid of all our stuff and move into a rubber room!

Once they start crawling, babies bring on the chaos.

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