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Morphing into Reality

Last May, about a month before I welcomed our Kung Fu Panda into the world, I tried out a Web gadget named, which allows you to morph two pictures to see the resulting baby. I plugged in pictures of The Gryphon and I and received a gender-neutral baby with chubby cheeks, hazel eyes, and my smallish chin. Now that KFP has finally reached the age of the baby in the morph, I can judge how accurate it was.

The overall shape of the face is pretty good, as is the chin (mine). The other features are a bit off: KFP has the shape, not just the color, of The Gryphon's eyes, while the morph matches my uneven eye shapes (my right eye has always opened a bit wider than my left). Also, KFP seems to have my nose, whereas the morph seems to have The Gryphon's. Still, it's not bad!

Baby Morph First D-20
At left, the morph; at right, a picture taken in late January

KFP at 8 Months
KFP at eight months

Just in case you want to play "match the features," here are the source photos I used.

Alyce in September 2009 The Gryphon on our Wedding Day 2
Me in September 2009; The Gryphon on our wedding day, September 2007

I should note that if you're interested in using MorphThing, you should right-click the result and drop down to "save image" to save the file, because the results are only archived for a couple months. I initially did this about six months ahead of my due date and discovered it was deleted by the time I had a 3-D ultrasound to compare. Interestingly, the result in May 2010 was different from the previous one, even though I'd used the same pictures.

Random is sometimes right.

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