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“I wanted to try this out to see if the automatic transcription is at all useful because I'm trying to find ways that I can get a little extra writing and without having to sit down at the computer. It's a little difficult to do that especially on a days when my little Kung Fu Panda is being a Velcro baby like this morning. I'm not sure it has anything to do with the fact that the weather outside is a little gray and unpleasant. So maybe he needs a little more comforting on days like that. But for any reason for for whatever reason he's not happy to play and amuse himself on the floor like he often does in the morning. So I am probably not going to have time to do my suppose today. We did have what I would call a western weekend and that result to western movies. One was the original True Grit. I have this thing that I like to watch the original movies before I watch the remakes of them. This one of course stars John Wayne and I thought it was it was a fun movie it was very much a classic western. It was rated G which is sound interesting because there was actually quite a bit of violence and although it happens off screen and I'm not sure home many people who might listen have watched the movie but I did discover that the woman the young young lady was actually quite annoying. I'm not sure if it's going to be the same with the case of the remake but we shall see and the other movie that we saw that was a western was Rango(?) which is an animated film staring Johnny Depp doing the voice of the lead character and my kitty is coming over now to investigate. Hello kitty, he probably won't say anything. We like that quite a bit it was a it was very much a stand up of a Clint Eastwood movie and so if you like Clint Eastwood movies you will like it a lot. I think I should try to keep this brief because a friend told me that the Automatic Transcription only works if the post is 3 mins or less. So let's see what happens.”

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