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Mystery of the Roasting Pan

As the last thank-yous to wedding vendors go in the mail, and photos for our wedding announcement zip to a couple Central Pennsylvania newspapers, I can consider myself practically done with wedding-related tasks. Practically. There's just one outstanding detail, and it's bugging me to no end.

You see, somebody gave us the wonderful gift of a roasting pan, a gift which they brought to the wedding ceremony. However, they failed to include a card or to mark the box in any way to indicate who had brought it. We thought at first it might be my dad, who is notorious for not using gift cards, but when we asked him, he said it wasn't him.

While we have a list of a few guests who don't seem to have brought gifts, I feel a bit funny about approaching them to inquire about the pan. So I'm hoping that someone who reads this LiveJournal will have knowledge about the pan and will let me know to whom we owe thanks.

The pan is a Calphalon infused anodized pan with a rack, size 11" x 14". Any thoughts on who might have brought it, please let me know!

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