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Nine-Month Well Visit

Good news from Kung Fu Panda's 9-month well visit on Friday.

According to his latest measurements, he is:

2' 5" long (29 inches), which puts him in the 73.33 percentile of length-for-age;
21 lb. 4 oz., which puts him in the 60.35 percentile of weight-for-age;
and his head circumference is 18.7 inches, which puts him in the 95.05 percentile of head-circumference-for-age (blame me and The Gryphon for our prodigious craniums).

The doctor said that his weight-to-height ratio is good and he was happy to hear about all the developmental milestones that KFP is achieving. He said that KFP is sociable with good coordination, and that we should keep doing what we're doing. He also said, and I quote, that KFP has "just the right amount of baby chub." So there!
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