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KFP Photo Update

I've been busy lately, so I haven't had a chance to upload these photos until today. In addition to taking pics with my Canon Powershot A590, I'm also taking some pics with my new HTC Droid phone.

Hawaiian Shirt
On a warm day a couple weeks ago,
KFP tried out his Hawaiian shirt.

Playing with Socks
KFP "helps" me with the laundry
by playing with the socks.

Louie Louie
He dances to the radio, a set of songs
in commemoration of "International Louie Louie Day."

Sleep Eating
One afternoon recently, KFP was tired but wouldn't take a nap.
He finally slumped asleep while eating his spinach dinner!

First Picnic
His first picnic: some food eaten on a blanket
in Independence Park about two weeks ago.

Asleep on a Blanket
KFP takes a nap in the park on a blanket.

Park Blanket
KFP on a blanket in a small neighborhood park
where I took him on Wednesday. He made friends
with a 14-month-old girl and tried to walk
in order to keep up with her.

Playing with Containers
Apparently, my plastic storage containers needed to be sorted.

Swinging for First Time
KFP tries out a baby swing for the first time.
(Or at least, the first time it didn't make him cry.)

Pushing KFP in Swing
I give KFP a push in the swing.

Swinging Fun
His daddy pushes KFP in the swing.

Smiling while Swinging
His shirt says "Made You Smile,"
and that's just what he's doing as he swings.

Having Fun Swinging
Our little KFP is having a great time in the swing.

Swinging Smile
A great smile while being pushed in the swing.

Kisses from Daddy
KFP gets some love from his Daddy, The Gryphon.

Love from Daddy
A loving moment with his daddy.

Firsts keep coming even at 10 months.

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