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Palin Article and First Bus Ride

I've had another article published on Yahoo! News: Can Julianne Moore Portray Palin Convincingly?

In other news, I took our Kung Fu Panda on the bus for the first time today, because we had to pick up the car. We'd had to have the air conditioning fixed, finally, after it's been on the fritz for two years. They've just been topping it off with coolant, but the leak was now bad enough they recommended spending the money for the fix. I've lived without AC in the car before, but we decided it would be safer for KFP to have it, since babies overheat easily.

To pick up the car, I had to take the bus. I put him in his new Ergo carrier and walked us to the bus stop. We got there just as the bus was pulling up. Though the bus was crowded and one woman, mysteriously, refused to move her plastic bag so we could sit down, we found a place on a bench along the side near the back doors.

KFP was fascinated by the people around him, especially the guy we sat next to, who smiled and talked to him in a friendly way. Though I could see KFP starting to get drowsy, he kept waking up, his eyes straining to make out the new faces.

Everything was fine until the first time the bus came to a jerky stop. Then he got upset and cried every time the bus stopped afterward. Fortunately, our stop wasn't too much further.

Up until now, KFP probably thought it was sheer torture to ride in his car seat. That is, until he rode on a crowded, hot bus. But now, he instantly fell asleep in the cushioned seat, while a cool breeze wafted over him.

A little perspective helps you appreciate what you have.

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