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Need Gift Ideas

My husband is looking for ideas for me as to what to get me for Mother's Day. I'm not the sentimental sort: I'd rather have something practical. Given that I'm a writer who finds it increasingly difficult to get anything done with my 10-month-old Kung Fu Panda, any suggestions for things that might make my life easier (either to expedite my writing or to shortcut housework to give me more time to split between my little guy and my work)?

I did discover that I could take him to a park with a notebook and jot down the occasional thought while we were playing on a blanket. That's going to get less doable, though, as he gets more mobile, so I'm looking into the possibility of getting Dragon Naturally Speaking Professional with a voice recorder (I can dictate while I'm out and then let the computer transcribe it for me to give me a working file). Ideas along those lines are very welcome! Or maybe there's a time-saving device you use yourself that you'd like to recommend.
Tags: gryphon, holidays, kung fu panda, mother's day

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