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Time with Grandpa

I know I've been lax on posts lately, but I've been working on a few big projects, so that's a trend that will likely continue for the next several weeks. I'll try to post updates, even if they're small, so that I don't complete disappear.

Now, for example, I'll share some photos taken the weekend of May 5, when my Dad was in town for his annual medical conference. Thursday night we met him and his girlfriend, The Adventurer, for dinner. It was the first time for our Kung Fu Panda to meet his other "grandma." Then on Friday, our friend The Improv Lawyer, baby sat for us while The Gryphon and I went to the banquet.

Clapping with Grandpa
KFP plays a clapping game with his grandpa.

Clapping Some More
More clapping! Yay! This time on the Adventurer's lap.

KFP and the Adventurer
KFP enjoyed meeting The Adventurer, Dad's girlfriend.

Hanging with Grandpa
KFP enjoys a little lap time with his grandpa.

Grandpa and KFP
If only I could get both KFP and my dad
to look at the camera at the same time!

At the Banquet
Me and The Gryphon at my dad's annual banquet on Friday, May 6.

The Gryphon
The Gryphon dressed up for the banquet.

Dad & The Adventurer
Dad and his girlfriend, The Adventurer, at the banquet.

The Docs
The Adventurer, my Dad, and The Life of the Party, all doctors.

Hal Martin Band
The Hal Martin Band provided entertainment.

Table Talk
The Life of the Party's Wife chats with Ms. Doctor.

Tasteful Centerpiece
This year's centerpieces of floral arrangements were much more
subdued and tasteful than usual. Not even any balloons!

The Polish American String Band performed.
Here, a man with a banjo and a saxophonist
play in their sparkly costumes.

More Mummers
The Mummers' performance is always a highlight of the evening.
A banjo player smiles for the camera.

Still More Mummers
The saxophone section of the Polish American String Band.

Babies make it hard to keep up with LiveJournal.

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