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Panda Corner: Poetry in the Park

This is my first installment of a new series, Panda Corner, where I'll share thoughts and observations about our little Kung Fu Panda, now rapidly gaining on one year.

Bright Day
Our little Kung Fu Panda gets wide-eyed,
sitting on a blanket and people watching.

After several weeks of being homebodies, due to KFP contracting a spring cold and then to incessant rain, we traveled to Center City Philadelphia to check my Wild Violet mailbox. Fortunately, we didn't go earlier this week, when Sarah Palin visited Independence Hall and clogged up the street with gawkers and press.

Considering that the last few times I'd checked the mail, there was nothing in it, I was surprised to find the box was crammed full. Of course, I might have expected that, given Murphy's Law and all. We had to wait in line to pick up a package that was too large for the box, and this meant a pretty long wait, since only one person was working the counter. KFP was in a good mood, having napped in the car on the way there, and amused himself by watching himself in the reflection in the glass door that opened into the rest of the building, kicking his feet and giggling when the reflection did likewise.

Then, package in hand (which turned out to be two books for review), we trucked down to Cosi for something to eat. I had a Shanghai Chicken Salad, and KFP had most of a banana and half of a container of organic sweet potatoes. He might have had more sweet potatoes, except that I looked down to check my receipt when no one brought me my iced coffee (turned out the cashier hadn't heard that part of the order), and he grabbed the container and dumped half of it out! I am constantly forgetting how far he can reach: you need to give him several inches on top of the length of his arm, because he can lean forward.

The highlight of the day was after lunch, when I pushed him in his stroller over to the little green space behind the First Bank of the U.S., where I used to like to eat lunch when I worked nearby. I spread out a blanket and gave him a little rattle to play with, and we enjoyed the warm day.

I opened the mail and read some of the poetry out loud to him while he rejoiced over a stick he'd found on the ground (I explained it was part of the tree and pointed out to him the trunk and the leaves up close, as well). He took some brave steps away from me before opting to hold onto my shoulder while I read to him. Then, when I'd finished with the mail, I took both his hands, and he led me in large circles around the grass, chirpily babbling about everything he was seeing.

A nearby couple with a sleeping baby in a stroller looked our way, apparently amused by his chubby legs stomping in bow-legged circles like the youngest drunken sailor you'd ever seen. As I write this, he's standing next to me, sucking his thumb so that the drool drops on my feet like a summer rain. It's been a great day.

KFP sucks on his rattle

KFP is happy and he knows it

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