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Found Friday: Sidewalk Chalk Protest

I'm reinstating my "Found Friday" series, which I often do during the summer when there's not as much to write about. Today's found item is actually a photograph I took yesterday while checking my Wild Violet mail in Old City Philadelphia.

Sidewalk Chalk Protest

Somebody wrote this in chalk on the sidewalk on the 600 block of Chestnut Street, Philadelphia. It reads "Corporate Tax Cheat, Uncut Us," whatever that means. There's an arrow pointing to the door for Wells Fargo.

Was this an unhappy customer who resented paying taxes while Wells Fargo, apparently, takes shortcuts? Or had this been left behind by one of the people who surrounded Sarah Palin during her visit to Independence Hall earlier this week? TV news coverage of the event showed a crowd of people standing on the exact same portion of the block where this message was written. Of course, it would have been too crowded to write it then, but perhaps someone stayed behind and jotted this protest before hopping in his or her SUV and shadowing Palin to the next historic stop on her not-a-presidential-candidate tour.

Even more mysterious, what does "Uncut Us" mean? Is it a plea for the bank to reconsider cutting off a specific customer's credit line? Or a demand that the government withdraw corporate tax cuts to big banking? Or did it mean "Uncut U.S." -- uncut the United States? From what? An international game of Dodge Ball?

If you're going to protest in sidewalk chalk, write something that makes sense.

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