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Mother's Day Photos

I put these up on Facebook about a week ago, but it's more involved to share them here, so I didn't get a chance until now. These photos were taken in a park in Bellefonte on a warm Mother's Day by my sister.

Mother's Day - 1
In this first one, KFP is a little distracted
but clearly having a good time, reaching for my hand.

Mother's Day - 2
In addition to posed shots, she caught some natural moments,
like me kissing him.

Mother's Day - 3
You can tell KFP was in good spirits, grinning gamely
at the camera as he chewed on his hand.

Mother's Day - 4
You can almost hear him laughing out loud in this shot!

Mother's Day - 5
This is one of my favorites. Playing airplane with KFP,
and he's reaching for my face.

Mother's Day - 6
Another one of my favorites: I love the surprised and pleased
expression on his face as I kiss his cheek.

Mother's Day - 7
He was very excited to be in the park, as you can
tell from his expression.

Mother's Day - 8
This is probably one of the best portraits of us both.

Mother's Day - 9
We changed locations to this tree to try for some more even lighting.

Mother's Day - 10
We reach towards the camera and my sister.

Even babies who won't sit still can look great in portraits.

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