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Panda Corner: The KFP Show

Never am I so aware of our Kung Fu Panda's rapid development than when I upload recent videos of him. Over the last two to three months, he has learned to climb stairs, to blow raspberries, to paddle in the pool, and to take his first steps. It's so easy to take those steps for granted, once they've happened, so it's fun to look back at when he was first discovering them.

Following are the best of his recent videos.

KFP learns to climb the stairs.

Paddling in the pool

Walking and blowing raspberries!

Dancing to the Rolling Stones

Standing, with the help of a toy

Picking a dandelion

"Reading" a book

Dancing to the Beatles

Chasing ducks, with help

Swinging in baby swing at park

Serenaded by a barbershop quartet

Walking to me at Memorial Day party

Walking to My College Roommate and saying "I did it"

Bouncing on The Gryphon's knee

If you'd like to see the videos I left out, you can visit my main YouTube page. You can also click the "subscribe" button to be notified every time I upload something.

Converting and uploading videos takes lots of time but is worth it.

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