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Articles for Fathers Day

Just in time for Fathers Day, a few articles I wrote have been published.

"Father Knows Nothing: Most Incompetent TV Dads", a brief round-up of the worst dads on TV. I restricted my list to current shows, or I would have included the dad from "Malcolm in the Middle." I probably could have done a lot more with this, but I was having trouble coming up with dads who matched the level of incompetence of those on this list.

"Movies That Celebrate Single Fatherhood" was in response to an assignment to write a movie round-up for Fathers Day. We could take any angle we wanted, but we were supposed to strive for something unique. First, I brainstormed with The Gryphon, then I looked at the list and saw a trend. Some of my favorite movies featuring dads happened to be about single dads.

I've got another article to write today (a Fathers Day profile), and then I've got some other things to take care of, so I don't know if I'll get a chance to post anything else.
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