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After KFP awoke from his nap yesterday, we managed to open presents and eat cake before the guests had to leave. He was still sort of sleepy and dazed, but at least he wasn't crying and flinging cake!

While he was interested in being sung to (my little guy loves music), and in poking the baby-friendly Apple Swirl cake Mom made, he wasn't so keen on tasting it. I slipped a piece in his mouth when he opened it, and his eyes got really wide. We got a couple pics but none of the "baby smashing birthday cake" pics everyone I told about the party seemed to expect. We did, however, get some great portraits at a local park this morning just before a brief  rainstorm.  As any photographer will tell you, overcast days are great for photos.

He got lots of books for his birthday, plus a big green ball that coincidentally made a great prop. He is currently dismantling a birthday hat which yesterday he refused to wear.

If his personality now is an indication of what he'll be as he grows up, he will be a music-loving, curious, outgoing, active mover and shaker. Shake that groove thing, KFP! I'll dance along.

KFP plays with his new baby laptop.

Babies don't really get first birthdays.

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