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Party Pics

If you didn't already know, we held a party Saturday at my Dad's place to celebrate our Kung Fu Panda's first birthday. Here's the day, in pictures.

Enjoying Hors D'oeuvres
We had hors d'oeuvres while the main meal was prepared.
For adults: baked tortilla chips, salsa, and a veggie tray.
For KFP, dehydrated apple bits and sweet potato puffs.

Playing with Shapes
KFP plays with a favorite sorting toy while
we wait for dinner to be prepared.

Party Loot
He got a nice selection of gifts, including several books,
a large green ball, a ladybug pillow pet,
a baby laptop, and a toddler-sized stroller.

Mr. One-derful
I got this bib at the party store.
It says, "Mr. One-derful."

Meeting a Pillow Pet
KFP checks out his new ladybug Pillow Pet.

Hearing a Card
KFP listens as his dad reads him the card.
Uncle Squash looks on.

Card Reading
KFP is momentarily distracted by the camera.

Birthday Cake
His birthday cake was an Apple Swirl with an apple glaze.

Touching the Cake
KFP was fascinated with touching the cake.

Cake Touching
In actuality, KFP was more interested in
touching the cake than eating it.

Trying Some Cake
I had trouble getting him to sample the cake:
the only time he'll probably push cake away!

Trying Some Cake
He engages in more cake touching.

Cake Mouth
I managed to get him to try
one bite of cake.He seemed
more surprised than pleased.

Party Hat
He refused to wear a hat. He did, however,
enjoy touching my party hat.

Elmo Cards
Through sheer coincidence, he received three Elmo cards.

New Laptop
KFP plays with his new baby laptop. It has shapes,
letters, numbers, Spanish, music, and lights.

Closing the Laptop
He loves closing and opening the laptop,
because that starts a song about opposites.

Cake is more fun to touch than to eat for 1-year-olds.

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