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Found Friday: Name This Bird

About a week ago, Kung Fu Panda and I walked to the park. (Or rather, I walked to the park and pushed him in the stroller.) Most of my pictures and videos were, naturally, of him; however, on the way home, we walked by some beautiful flowers. I still like to photograph nature's beauty as I find it; I just don't get around to posting them very often.

More interesting was a bird we passed, which was sitting on a power line and chirping a constantly mutating song.

Instead of sticking to one main sound, the bird seemed to be listening to other birds in the neighborhood and changing its song accordingly.

Unfortunately, the bird's a bit high, so it's difficult to see the bird's markings. It appeared to be mainly gray, with a long, dramatic tail and a thin, dark beak.

I'd like to imagine the bird was composing a new song just for us. Perhaps it was aware of the baby sitting in the stroller 20 feet below, admiring the "birdie" his mama had just pointed out. "Oh, a small human," it said, "and this one appears to be a music lover. Maybe I'll show off." So he composed a special tune just for us.

But in actuality, it's either an animal mimic or simply a bird with a sophisticated musical repertoire. Can anyone tell me?

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