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Panda Corner: Yummy Chicken

After our pediatrician recommended getting our Kung Fu Panda to try more solid foods, we've been trying to transition between purees and other types of solids he can pick up. This has been two steps forward, one step back sort of progress, with him alternately preferring to only eat picked up food and, the next day, insisting on being spoon-fed purees. I even got on Facebook this week and asked friends for tips on getting 1-year-olds to eat solids.

So what does he do? He just decides it's time... to surprise me.

Today at lunch with the Improv Lawyer, we ordered off the Kids' Menu, after helping him to color on it with the crayons they left him. He didn't even try to eat them.... much.

He did, however, surprise me by eating a baby-sized portion of the Chicken and Noodles I ordered for him.

KFP's infallible internal clock has decreed that it is now time to try solids!

You can beg and entice, but baby won't eat until he's ready.

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