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Annual Birthday Self-Portrait

While I'm still working on the next issue of Wild Violet, I took a break this morning to take some birthday self-portraits, a tradition now for about seven years or so. Like last year, I had to take some with my little Kung Fu Panda, as well.

First Shot
When I first started, I didn't quite have
the camera angle lined up properly.
Look, the pillow's escaping from the case!

Story Break
KFP insisted on taking a break for me to read to him
about Percival the Plain Caterpillar.

Profile Shot
This may become my new profile shot
in various places on teh Internets.

In the Corner
I'll just be here in the corner
of the photo, if you need me.

Hi, There!
KFP and I look at each other.

Me and KFP
I had to try several times to get this. Finally, I had
to change the time-lapse from 10 seconds to 2.
Less time for him to sit still!

From Above
Taking my sister' advice, I tried one from a higher angle.
Though it makes my small chin look even smaller, it's still kind of nice.

Birthday Love
My favorite picture of KFP and I together, sharing a big hug.

Birthday portraits take longer when you have to stop to read a story.

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