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Update and Links

Still working on that massive issue of Wild Violet. The end is in sight! And now, a brief update about this weekend and a couple cool links.

We met up with comedychick this weekend and met team_jessie and her very funny husband, too. Our little Kung Fu Panda was very taken with comedychick, especially with her red felt newsboy hat. He kept trying it on, and he even used the sign language symbol for hat to ask for it. The funny thing is, we'd tried to teach him some signs, since they can aid communication for pre-verbal babies, but he hasn't picked up on many of them. I guess he just needed to really want to communicate about his desire for a red hat and to receive gentle smiles from the person wearing it.

It's funny how different and yet the same people are when you meet them in person. I found comedychick to be very quiet and thoughtful but still to be the good-natured, witty person I know from her blog. She was fascinated with Philadelphia and took pictures wherever we went of things that I tend to take for granted: like the many historic buildings.

Hopefully, she won't think of me as the mommy who smells like sweat. It was a warm day (for me: she found it cold compared to Malaysia), and I ended up lugging KFP around quite a bit. Also, I tend to sweat when I'm nervous, and so ironically, my desire to make a good impression outdid me. It was embarrassing, but then again, I've learned that being a mom of a toddler means never quite being on the top of your game. Ah, well.

Our group met up near Independence Hall and then saw the Liberty Bell. The line moved much more slowly than the last time I visited, pre-9/11, mainly because they conduct security checks almost as vigorous as at an airport. The new pavilion has a lot of displays with information, as well as a room with a video to watch. When you get to the bell itself, it's just set off behind a simple rope with a guard nearby. Because of the many things to see, there are fewer people at the bell at one time, which allows people to take pictures at their leisure.

Of course, KFP just wanted to run past it to the glass wall, through which he could see a beautiful garden of purple and yellow flowers. He held out his hands towards them and cried because he couldn't touch him. Awww!

We then walked to the Reading Terminal Market for cheesesteaks (of course). After that, we took the Philadelphia Phlash (a special tourist bus that hits all the main attractions) to the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

We Philadelphians allowed comedychick to lead the way, since she was the international visitor. We spent a couple hours in the Modern Art Gallery and then viewed the Impressionist section before checking out the armor exhibit. Finally, we showed her the architect wing, with its many interesting installations.

After riding the Phlash back to Old City (where our cars were parked), comedychick gave us each a special Australian cookie she'd brought with her. I think they're called TimTam, and they are chocolate and caramel with wafers. Sort of like a Kit Kat but more chocolatey.

We had a great time, and I did take photos I hope to share later this week.

Now the links:

My latest Yahoo! article is called Beyond the Stars: Space Exploration Movies.

My friend, miranda_lane has begun a blog for ...AND Company Theatre, and she has blogged about me!

Babies will use signs when they really want to, but not until then.

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