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Pics from Otakon 2011, Part 2

Now that I'm done with the new issue of Wild Violet, I can begin to get caught up on things I wanted to share in my blog. At long last, here are photos from Friday of Otakon 2011.

Ready to Go
Me in the mirror on Friday morning,
wearing one of the outfits I bought for the event.

Morning Baby
KFP looks bright-eyed on Friday morning.

Morning Truck Time
KFP had fun playing with his truck on the hotel bed.

Me and KFP in the Hotel
Me and KFP in our room on Friday morning.

Cookie Tray
This tray of cookies was provided for Press Ops staff by the Rock Chick.

Press Ops at Work
Press Ops staff discuss ongoing work.

Hard at Work
The Rock Chick gets some work done in Press Ops.

Another Baby
The one-year-old daughter of some former Otakon staff members
came by Press Relations with her parents.

Press Relations Staff
Most of the Press Relations staffers (but we're missing a couple).

Our Bosses
Otakon's chair and correspondence secretary stopped by Press Ops.

This costume is of Steve from the popular computer game Minecraft.
This year it was the only costume I photographed!

Play Time
KFP plays with the one-year-old daughter of a former staffer.
He came by with The Gryphon at lunchtime.

Badge Wars
The badge around KFP's neck became too much
of a temptation for the other baby.

Behind the Scenes
Three fellow staffers, including the AMV Editor and the Video Editor.

After I was done for the day, I had some dinner with The Gryphon and then took over mothering duties. I drove to visit a friend, The Poet, who has a son a little older than KFP.

The Poet's Son
The Poet's youngest son has striking blue eyes.

Playing Trucks
KFP and The Poet's youngest son engaged in some parallel play with trucks.

Trucks Go!
KFP and The Poet's youngest son play with trucks.

Discovering a Guitar
KFP was delighted with The Poet's guitar.

Playing the Guitar
KFP makes an attempt at strumming a guitar.

Room Full of Toys
KFP was delighted to discover the oldest boy's room was full of toys.

Three Boys
The Poet, his two sons, and Kung Fu Panda play with a roomful of toys.

Hey, a Camera!
The Poet's youngest son notices my camera.

Babies playing offer many photo opportunities.

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